a chain link tool

Hi there, does any1 by any chance have a chain link tool I could possibly borrow for a couple of days? I am picking up the chain and sprocket kit this weekend and would like to fit it sumtime next week (well, as early as possible). Would be very grateful if somebody could help me out on this thank you in advance:D

Ive got one but unfortunately its at home at the mo and im not gona be back up there till next weekend cause im gona be at the ally pally this weekend… No doubt they’ll be another kind person on here with one who is willing to lend it out… Just though could of made it worth a hot chocolate if i had mine here :hehe: If your at the ally pally this weekend i’ll shout you that 1 i owe you :wink:

It’s much more fun with an angle grinder and two hammers:cool:

Yea i’m in the hammers and grinder gang too :slight_smile: , If you don’t get the chain splitter kit i could most probably lend a hand ( and hammer) if you wanted ,so long as its sunday mid- day.

Won’t you be half-way to Stratford on Avon then?:smiley:

Not a chance of that unfortunately as my bikes off the road due to me spending all my spare time on other peoples bikes :smiley:

People taking a ride upto straty then? Some good moto roads round there, its where i live :smiley:

shame you haven’t got it wiv ya ASBO as I live in Wood green so there wouldn’t even be a problem to go see ya at Ally Pally and pick it up:P

Pm captain chaos n borrow mine if you want, he near you :slight_smile:

cheers steve, appreciate it… you not near me?:smiley:

he’s out of this world :w00t:

oh… I didn’t know that…hmmm…:D:D:P

you hitting up the show then cheeky considering you live near it?

:D:D:D:D:D:D cheeky !!!nup not near you and capt chaos got it and he up the road from ya :slight_smile:

how much are the link tools? as I need on aswell and probably this weekend

50 quid ish…

YEY got the chain tool! Just picked it up from Chaos:D had a nice ride there, lovely roads but too many cars today…:wink: Thanx Chaos, when Im done I will forward it to Steve if he still wants it back:P

just bought one to do mine today - £20 from saunders in knebworth, herts :slight_smile: did a good job too :slight_smile:

kitty luv, :smiley: you could’ve got one more, for me as well lol

would be nice to see it again :smiley:

next person to borrow it must live nearer to luton :D:D