a bit fun with our forum nick names

gsxr1000boy, Foxy, Tex, gix_6, TonUp, johnnybravo, SneakYMcC, wolfeyes, Burger, Trisckie, johnny, smiled, egypt220, CaptMoto, The Turd, VFRPatch, Mr Toad, vaskunito, Mr Chicken, stevewright, makman, Trojan, macp, westie, blade, McGee, dibble, GSXROSS, keti, Oggyplonk, BigSV, tim4665, Seademon, rostyle, afroR6, JohnyBusa, Sammo, animal111, grimbusa, madscientist, jpcarreiro, 748sam, messie

JohnyBusa’ dibbled his (oggy)plonk… while westie (also known as Mr Toad) sneaks-up-behind-ymc, and finds… oh a messie blade!! keti see-deamon in afroR6, CaptMoto, the Turd (lol) smiled at Foxy’s Burger (aye aye) while jonnybravo tex(t) wolfeyes for a packet of Trojan(s), GSXROSS show his johnny to a madscientist and its believed BigSV is a steverwright animal111 with no ro-style and came from egypt in 220ac.

Oi!! Sammo!! did u see how Grim busa is? yeah yeah, jpcarreiro to you an’ all!! you great bigMcGee, you!! go on mak(e-me)man, I dare you!!

i’ll swap you a gsxr 1000 and his boy for a vfr patch, did u see how trisckie got all vas(h)kunito with that Chicken Mr??

it was just a bit of fun

whats this about me being like mr toad!? grr hehe x

LOL…how very dare you !!! moi? messy?..i have u know i do a mean clean job !!!

HAHA very good Mate