A bit excessive?..

Hmmm… just to point out that you have way too many things being sold for LB, now i know you dont make profit from the sales of these goods, but its overtaking the whole site.

just to give you my advice.

Calendars now available, get your hoodies, etc…

you guys need to relax, you have the URl where people can buy things, and im sure they will, like i did, quite some time ago, but rather than having 20 posts on the different items available how about you make another option near classified, or somewhere else.

you can delete this once you’ve considered my advice.

Hey Oodie,

A couple of things have happened at once, which might be attributable to that feeling. Though of course we want to do the best to make sure all members know about the new things we’ve made, which is why we’ve sent out newsletters and made a few forum posts about them.

The new Store is time-sensitive, it needs to be promoted before the Christmas rush ends so that we can make the most of the period, and the charity calendar should also be sold in the majority before the new year starts. Those are the only two things I can think of that we’ve promoted lately? Oh, there’s the Christmas Party as well, but again, that’s time sensitive.

The new Store is essential to us starting to cover our costs. I don’t think the majority of the members realise quite how much money it costs me each month to run this site and keep the content flowing. The site has to start paying for itself or I’ll just end up getting bored and shut up shop. There’s only so long I can do this before I have other things in my life I need to give attention to.

We’re very aware that there’s a right balance to be had by ensuring these extras don’t overpower the main aspect of the site and just complement them. But to put it into perspective, you can’t have something for nothing in this world any more. This is a state of change for LB, we need to move it to the next level and grow it, have more resources so we can do more things, and do them quicker. I’m hoping that the majority can sympathise with this and support us on this mission.

Feedback is welcome as ever, and won’t be deleted! Thanks mate…

Just to keep the balance, can’t says as I’ve noticed.

Absolutely, Jay’s hit the nail on the head… there’re quite a few things going on at the moment, most of which is just time sensitive, and when you compare what we’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks with what’s gone before (virtually nothing) then I can see your points.

Feedback is always welcome :slight_smile: Please keep it coming.


thanks for the response jay, its appreciated, but dont you think its own category would be good?.. that was what i was trying to say, not to try to minimise the quantity of items sold, just that it needs its own place.

thanks again.


Placement is is a good point… but you have to remember that we want these things to get the max’ exposure… and creating it’s own section wont achieve that - we do essentially have a separate section… it’s called the store :wink: By posting links in the main forum threads we aim to simple draw peoples attention to what’s there.


I checked the shop out - only complaint I’ve got is that all prices appeared in $'s!

matt, when did you become the site owner?.

you have to get out more aswell, its now an international site, which means we have international currencies. well, good for me anyway, then only problem i had way comtemplating buying the calendar, only to see charly’s naked ass with gloves on, a very …very scary thought.

Right Ok - “London Bikers” - whats the $ got to do with it? Your just a wind up! What with this and Brevels

Chill Winston

ooo couple of months ago now mate…

Quite a few things have been happening…


also more info here



hey!.. i think congrats are in order, although no one told me. but its ok.

Have a nice time at the christmas party everyone, and i should be by the brazen head, in the first few days of jan.

all you sexy little minx’s make sure you’re at the brazen head, i’ll give you all a good seeing to, including BARRO you sl*t!..

666…yeah…you’ll be seeing us alright!!

and Ty gets paid in $…so not a problemo…and i’ve also got a better computer which accepts things in my order basket …apparently

Oooooooo you got the hump again Didums…

No Londonbikers Yasmak Waterproofs…

The Ride of the Seven Veils Mufflers

Wavy Popadom Disks

BollyBobbins by Rogan and Josh

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