A bikers sixth sense...

Just treat all other road users as mobile accidents waiting to happen and expect utter stupidity on a regular basis. (That includes police drivers if you are anywhere near Bellmarsh prison.)

Well, all but Londonbikers. But don’t trust all of them either.

The big trick is staying unharmed with an intact bike. It’s better being a chicken/wimp/whatever than bruised/blooded with a big repair bill looming.

@ 1.17 there was no sixth sense.
He was just going too fast IMHO. I know he is in his lane and it is clear - call it “too fast for the conditions”. That one would have taken him out in a big way.

Think I jinxed myself by posting here. I got my foot run over by a BMW this morning while I was sitting in stopped traffic (correctly positioned too.) :crying: I saw the car there but wasn’t expecting it to suddenly try to squeeze alongside me with nowhere to go in front, so it looks like the sixth sense needs some work still.

Whats your injury?

Wondered what a car does to a foot like.

Pretty sure it’s just bruised. Glad I had proper bike boots on- I wouldn’t want to see what it’d have done to one of the scooterists I always see wearing high heels. Can still feel it 8 hours later though. :frowning:

Glad its not properely fucked. :pinch:

Oh yeah. What is it with these people? I mean, seriously, do they have some kind of special induction course on crap driving?


yep one definitely develops sixth sence, since we’ve got cyclists that cars so violently overtake sometimes - i’ve now started thinking about how other car drivers feel and try to predict what they’re about to do, my own lifesafers have reduced though because of the number of **** i’ve got in my head to think off, i’ve gotta get myself upto scratch with that even though i do ride to and back from work swiftly and not hanging about i know there’ll probably be idiots going above 50mph…

however i give my hat off to a black cab for being an unpredicatable twat…so i’m behind him to the right of him, he’s slwoing down and indicating left and there are people on the left waving at him so i think “oh ok, so he’s going to pull over to the left because he’s indicating left and slowed right down and there are people waiting for him…” hehe…yeah right…in my head i was already thinking i’m going to pass him quickly now but then i thought nah **** it i’m on a work bike i can just pass him slowly…and right at this minute the ****** quickly indicates right and turns at the same time in my head i was like “mate you’re lucky i’m not on my bike as me and my bike would probably be sitting on you lap now”… hehe funny thing is that i didn’t get all rude and aggressive i didn’t even get scared it was so quick but i heard some sighs from people waiting for the cab…yep that gave them a fright :smiley:

so watch out for those situations peeps, my work colleague came off a bike in exaclty the same situation

Think I jinxed myself by posting here. I got my foot run over by a BMW this morning …

No sixth sense in the world will protect you from BMW drivers.

The old Met Police m/c coppers gag was:

“Whats the difference between a hedgehog and a BMW? With a hedgehog the pricks are on the outside.”

(They had to stop using that when the traffic guys started to be re equipped with BMW’s.)

hmmm to see how a policeman knows something is up …

ride or drive a marked vehicle … the whole viewpoint changes and people think they are behaving well is more of a giveaway…

indicators all they mean is the bulb works …

by your pre plan and obs you should spot these before and apply a what if scenario if your not sure and play on that

as for what feet look like not in proper protection … google degloving and see what can happen and no its not nice …