A bikers dying wish.

yeah should be up for this, see you there at the meeting piont!

I’ll try to make this one.

I’ll join in, for the peeps leaving from the Ace, what time do you want to meet?

Working Sat night, as long as i can get up early enough, see me ole mum for mothers day, Id like to think i could make this worthwhile ride out.

What a great thing to do!:slight_smile:

I live in Stanford Le Hope. I am moving my business this weekend but if the removal men are done early on Sunday, I will be there…

my mums going away on the 1st so i dont need to see her on mothers day :w00t: so i say meet at the ace 9am for 10am leave then a slow ride round lol

Hi All

I don’t know the guy personally, but saw the request on another forum. I’ve emailed the original poster for a link to the original thread and will post that here and/or update you all on any changes should there be any.

Thurrock Services is easy enough to find and here’s a map http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?G2M?X=558013&Y=179566&A=Y&Z=3

I’m not even sure I can make this myself as my Son has an important footie cup match, but i’m hoping to dodge out of that.:wink:



Its cool the original poster put up a thread in the rideouts forum I think

I would love to be able to join in on this but unfortunately will be on my way back from my birthday trip to Paris so just not possible…

Looks like the Ginger one wil lead from the Ace but I’ll bring my Tom Tom for back up. :slight_smile:

Gonna try and get to this but will probably start at Thurrock services - I think its a great gesture!

I may meet up with you all at ace, gives me a chance to have a munch before we go, i can do the mothers day bit early doors:D

I’ll be up for this :wink: See ya at the Ace!!

Bit early mate, how about 10:30 depart, would give us 1 hr to get round/through to Thurrock:cool:

yeah im up 4 that if u guys dont mind me taggin along will meet u guys an girls at the ace

Hats off to Taipan for posting this.

This comes from www.scratchinthesurface.com message board. One of our members requested this and I couldn’t help but contact everybody I knew that would join in and show respect. Thank you to all the guys that will turn out.

The Thurrock Services Petrol Station is where we’ll be its not hard to find really, 1st slip off past the tunnels coming from kent, or the very last slip before you go over the QE2 bridge. Junction 30 I think it is.

I’ll be there with Mike (the originator) and a few others hopefully. I own the Pink pig. See ya there guys and keep it upright.

cool see you at the ace then

Would anyone object to a bike and a car being in tow?

Me and the missus will be on the way home on Sunday after the Brands trackday (we’re staying over) and the ride out route is en route.

jeez DONT let ginger see mention of pink pig…you know how he used and abused his sheep :w00t:

dont think peeps would mind afro

Wasp, if you are offering some tea, I’ll bring along some biccies, can’t be having you supply everthing.