A bikers dying wish.

Hi All.

I hope you don’t mind me coming on here just for this? Anyway, this was posted on therevcounter.com and I thought I’d post ithere as its local to London and hopefully some of you will be able to attend?

Many thanks


I would like to suggest a ride out with a difference.

As some of you know I joined this site a short while ago and mentioned I was part of the “Flying Bananas”,

Well, the other “flying banana” is terminally ill with cancer and restricted to his bed in Stanford le Hope.(Never to ride again)
I owe him alot because he let me marry his daughter.

On Sunday 2nd March I would be very gratefully if as many bikes as possible roll down his road - he has promised me that if we do he will get out of bed and wave from the window.

So I am appealing to you all, every biker that knows what this is like, every biker that can make a difference, every biker that could help by just giving some time on Sunday 2nd March.

Spread the word - make a dying man proud to be a biker.

  • Meeting at Thurrock Services, Petrol Station, Junction 30/31 M25, ( this is the junction of the A13 and The M25)at 11:30 am to leave by 12:00, 2nd March 2008, to Stanford le Hope, St. Margaret’s Avenue, then off to Southend, or Burnham, or Ace cafe, or choose on the day with the majority.

You do not know how thankful and proud I am to know this man, that is why I am trying to give him this one wish…

Who’s with me?

I’m with you mate. Hopefully we can make his last wish a very noisy one!:wink:

me too, i was going ace but i can do that after:)

RR- meet up with me if you like mate, im in east london not far from the A13:)

If Im not working I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Probably going to be easier to meet at the agreed meeting point. Will journey to the Ace with you after though mate, Newby night and all that…RR

true, i know the way there roughly, been passenger in my mates car a few times going fishing up there, so i should be able to find it, its fairly easy;) yeah defo Ace after mate i owe you a coffee i think:)

i should still be off work so ill be up there…cast and all…;).

meet ya’ll up there


I’ll be there. Anybody wanna ride to the meeting point from the Ace?

Hey trouble, how are you getting there? I must’ve missed your accident post, 5 minutes back on the bike from your last one and bang!

I’d be proud to go if you would have me :slight_smile:

Ill go… anyone going from Ace as well coz ill get lost otherwise lol Let me know???

I actually live in Stanford Le Hope, so will try to get to this.

Im with ya!

Sherrie you know how to get there from ace?

I can’t make it I’m afraid, but what a great thing to do!

Well done for planning it! Best wishes to everyone concerned especially to your good friend!

im in with you on this ill be riding from the ace

Sherrie should know her way by now lol she’s been down the A13 to me enough times:D

Anyone fancy a cuppa on the way back?:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah and you could sew a full zip in my leathers while i wait :laugh:

you getting the cakes n biccys in as well ? :slight_smile:

Oh c’mon you can’t have a cuppa wivout biccies!:w00t:

Ginger luvvie you can drop your leathers in and i do your zip and bring em back the following wednesday bm meet or the ace on the friday. Takes to long to do on the spot.:smiley:

I wanted to come also but my bike is stolen …good luck anyway with the ride.