A big thankyou to those that

I would just like to say a big thank you to those that turned up for the chinese meal tonight

also to the 3 chinese girls that sung us a song on the karakoe machine even if it was in chinese…lol

Also was nice to put names to a few people

Karaoke!? And I missed it! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good laugh thanks ginge

Great evening Ginger, massive thanks for the suprise cake,:w00t: didn’t see that coming… oh and mrs said thanks to everybody for making her feel welcome;):smiley:

Was really good to put some more faces to names tonight !! Well sort of, I am rubbish with names so please don’t be offended if I forget !!

Because of that Ginger I had already had my dinner at the Ace (but fair dos I didn’t decide to come until an hour or so before hand) So really didn’t fancy a Chinese on top of that, as much as you tried forcing it down me

Now those Chinese lasses on the Karoeki, they were pretty impressive weren’t they

Nice to meet some more people !

Food was good too !!!

Thanks Ginge for sorting it all out mate , was a good night.

Roll on the Steaks and Booze !!

you did leave it till last minute to decide and i didnt relaise that i could have a few more people come if i needed too …as the chinese manager said that i was to let her know the final numbers 24hrs in advance …lol

was nice to meet you anyway

Don’t apologise at all mate :slight_smile: Its not at all a problem , well done for organising it all any way :slight_smile:

still it would have been nice to see you on karakoe …lol

Big thanks to Ginger for lining this one up, I had a brilliant time
I got to meet Mel properly, she was all I’d expected.
Stacey, want some ice cream?
Rob, my name’s Mian. do try and remember for next time eh?

Thanx Ginge :stuck_out_tongue:
And to Mel and her missus for driving me home :smiley: And Andy for keeping me entertained :smiley:

Big thanks to Ginger for sorting out yet another great night, good company, emma i will get your singing on asap for you to see, also shiver on spoons with matt and the help of ginger, also a big thanks to Del and Lewis for driving us there and back.

Rob next time dont bother trying to blame the mrs when you dont come out, it all came out tonight she is a gem

Yeah great night. Think we got in at 2am. Blackwall closed. :w00t:

Lovely evening and to meet you all. Were a lovely bunch aren’t we!!!
Next time we will do a duet!

Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Ginge :slight_smile:

yeah 2am, omg i am so tired, got a 14 hour day ahead of me now… great night, enjoyed seeing everyone again, had a fabulous chat with shauna, and mian, you’re very funny, kept me entertained all night :D:D

Good to meet up with folks and see a few new faces (new to me anyway).

Not sure what time we got back, probably about 15-20 minutes after we left! I remembered to have some water so feel quite perky this morning which I’m relieved about.(Yes, I am a lightweight. Hence why I don’t drink much!):smiley:

where’s everyone’s photos?

Thanks to Ginger for organising a good night, and fro Mr and Mrs RR for the lift to Victoria station (public transport is sh1te isnt it)

And to Ally for drinking all that voddy :smiley:

And to whoever kept filling up the buffet dishes with prawns. Mmmmm prawns and Stella,a fantastic combo.

What’s your name again?:smiley:

Wheres westie?

feck off :w00t:

Next time we meet, i will NOT do anything to put my foot in it…

Hi, my name is Mel, and i’m very good at c0cking things up… :D:D:D