++++++++++++ A BIG THANK YOU +++++++++++++++++

Jason, K and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the members of LB and anyone else who were able to come to the funeral and for all the kind messages left on here and in the condolence book.

I myself was overwhelmed by the support and presence at the funeral. In under 24 hours, 40 bikes turned up for Ali! I woke up yesterday with a warm feeling in my heart as I felt that we gave Ali the send-off he deserved. I bet he was smiling.

I spoke to his mum after the funeral after everyone left and she wanted to me to let everyone know that she could not believe the support of the biking community for Ali and it was much appreciated.

You done good for Ali!!!

Many thanks, Sam.

You can pass back that I for one, and Im probably speaking for others here to =

“Was just as impressed with the open hearts and open arms displayed by the family in welcoming me on the day” x x x.

Enough said


Well done peeps as Sam said I am sure Ali was smiling!

Here here! Well said Barro.

Yeah … Barro sums it up there … we felt so welcome!

Ali has a lovely family and deserved the best send-off!

Sam, Jason and K,

My thoughts are with you…

It was great to see the amount of people who turned up thanks guys

It was a very touching day for all concerned I think. I would like to extend my sympathies to you, Jason and K, for what I can only imagine to be a very stressful and traumatic experience. You have our thoughts and open-hand.


I’m just so grateful that the family invited us to share such an intimate moment with them, when it would have been understandable if they never wanted to see a motorbike again in their lives. It was very moving to be allowed to take part, and I was overwhelmed when told that his mom and dad wanted to thank us all personally for attending.

I’d like to thank you personally for acting as the liaison between the family and us, and continuing to do so. Please ensure that you take the time to grieve yourself.

My thoughts are with Ali’s family, you, Jason and K during these difficult days. If you need anything, we’re all just a phone call away.