A BIG KACK my pants moment!

So my parents had been over and as usual dad had been looking at the bike with the want to ride it but lacking the guts and so i said i would follow them out to the M40 Via the A41.

So we get up to the A41 as you know it had been raining yesterday and the smaller roads where still wet and so i was taking it easy as i did not want to stack it.

We get on the 41 and anyone who has been up there can tell you its a great road to open up on as you can see forever. However im not the only one who is aware of this and its notorios for police presence so you have to pick your spot carefully.

So we got going and then i opened the bike up, only for about 1/4 - 1/2 a mile up to about 135 then i carefully slowed down. Dad caught up and we where having a chuckle as he was shocked at how quick it picked up, there was just us on the road and as we past the slip road a cop car came roaring down the slip road with blues and twos flashing and started swerveing around in front of me. My frightfully heart stopped and the next thing thing i knew was there was blue light flashing me from behind also, i totally **** myself and though bugger there goes my licence.

I was dumbfound as to how they had seen me as i was careful and it wasn’t like it was a long sustained assult.

Then i looked in my mirrors to pull over onto the hard shoulder from the second lane and noticed the blue lights behind where actually a volvo ambulance, so i pulled into the inside lane and the ambulance sailed past, then we kept moving at about 6 mph with this cop car swerveing around in front of us, it turned out there was accident at the next junction that had just happened, as you can imagine i was pretty relieved!!

We shared a few laughts and a smile ad even my dad though i was buggered for a minute.

Im not a complete nutter and that was a definate tense bum momnet. - Also its very funny!!!:D:D

Ha ha. I’ve had a few of them myself. When they are behind you it can be difficult to work out if it’s police, fire or ambulance.

I trust clean pants were the order of the day! :slight_smile:

i think most of us have had one or two of them

obviously you didnt really do that speed on a public road and admit to it on a public forum…
did you have a lot of cheese before bed and perhaps dreamed it up??? :smiley: :smiley:

Theres lucky!!!:w00t:

I haven’t Curtis.

You still got that bike reading in KPH;)

135 meters an hour if any clarity was needed :slight_smile:

I had a special speedo, which i sold this morning!!

Must have been you’re evil twin riding behind me in France then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed a fashion among truckers and other drivers for fitting blue lighting in their cabs or on the front of vehicles - naturally this leads to a lot of double takes when you’re regularly checking your mirrors on the motorway.

Expensive ellipsoidal headlamps fitted to BMWs and the like can look blue from a distance - which also b*ggers iup my concentration!

This is my personal opinion and it’s an old chestnut - but I reckon if we had German style autobahns where you can go over the ton without worrying about getting nicked it would be much safer - as you would be devoting all your concentration to what’s coming up ahead and at the side of you in other lanes, while periodically checking your mirrors for fast bikes/cars on your tail - and not engaging in the constant paranoid glancing in your mirrors for police volvos and unmarked cars - which takes your eyes away from the imporatant stuff that is coming up very fast in front of you.

Obvious answer is to stick to the speed limit - but how many people on here who ride powerful fast bikes do that I wonder? :slight_smile:

The speed limit on the motorway is like the official drugs policy - it’s unrealistic and potentially creates more harm than it saves.

I agreee that the speed limits are a bit silly in some areas, and as is so often said its not speed that kills its dangerous driving. And this can be done at any speed.

And im totally in agreeance on the blue headlights, so annoying, even when your just crusing along, they should be illegal.

A german style autoban would be good. But i think a bit of a burst now and again is inevitable, its ust a case of using your head, and tryig to be as safe as possible.

Sorry gof - where was i again… oh behind you, i was taking the pace and riding of one of our finest as a judgement :wink:

Learn from the best they say!!

PS we are in for france, i will email you monday!

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the accident was some biker showing off to his parents by taking it to 135 mph…

yeah it would have, but you know the risks involved with riding bikes, and its not like i was wheeling off lights, to be honest you see bikes doing a hell of alot faster than that every day, taking much bigger risks and making themselves alot more vunerable, anyone who claims to be an angel on a bike is full of rubbish.
Like i said i dont ride like a twat, and anyone who has a bike that is capable of 180 - 190 mph might push the barrier from time to time.

And if your interested, the accident was somone who cut across 2 lanes to exit last minute and miss judged it.

Sorry Rixxy I wasn’t meaning to sound judgmental.

I had a soiled pants moments on the A41 about 4 months ago…

South bound, just before the M25 junction, actually on the rumble strips…

135mph slowing on the engine breaking… I give it hard brakes about 100meters before the junciton…


Rear tyre blew out! I lost my rear brakes and couldn’t lean to corner.

I wanted to join the M25 clockwise but went wide and aimed straight for the roundabout… couldn’t slow down enough to stop before the junction, and roundabout was not clear. In fact, it was an artic lorry rolling in front of me. I had full front brakes on, and went as far wide as I could, skipped around the back of the lorry before leaning left, with everything I could… I was practically making love to the front wheel as I’d got down so low to get the bike to turn.

Ended up under the bridge wondering what had happened, shaking like a dog taking a dump.

It was all so fast, I didn’t have time to scream or indeed crap myself.

Ended up getting a recovery truck to get me.

Oh btw, I was on a blue light run, so had legal excuse. (ACPO guidelines are just guidelines)

GoF that sounds crazy man :w00t: glad you survived that one unscathed.

I’ve done the “going 160 on the Autobahn then finding 3 lanes of dead-stopped traffic around the next bend” thing once this summer on the 'Bird. The brakes on the bike are phenomenal. I screwed on just about as much front and rear as I could without losing either or going loop de loop and somehow ended up dead stopped a metre behind the bumper of the last car four or five seconds later. Lucky there wasn’t anything behind me though… or the slightest bit of slick on the road. It would have been a hell of a mess for the fire department to hose away.

I think those little things are sent to remind us not to get carried away, even when you think you are being sensibleish ;).

Gof that does sound nuts mate, esp on a cop bike, jeez, they are heavy aswell, hats off to you for keeping it up right.

We should go out again soon. :smiley:

Since fitting the HID 12k bulbs to my bike I’ve noticed that a heck of a lot of motorists now pull over and let me pass them recently. Not sure if it’s the blueish glow making them first think it’s the rozzers or if they can see me approaching behind them better. Even the odd Beemer driver has let me pass 'em!!!