A big Hi to U all .

Hi all.

Just doing the customary 1st , ( well now 2nd ) post and intro.

Me names Jason , prefer Jay.

Started riding when i was 16 , Passed test on me 18th Berfday in 88. Rode for a couple more years the stopped when i had kids.

Then last year when my almost 16year old tells me hes getting a bike , i said , well so am i then.

My first ( get used to riding again ) bike , a little imported Susuki GSF400 bandit , turnt out to be a bit of a lemon, spending more time in me garden in bits than on he road.

3 or so weeks ago i got meself a Yamaha FZS 600 fazer 03/foxeye, and I luv it !!! .

Ive done more miles on it already than I did in a year on the bandit.

Just been up the Blackheath Tea Hut, and meet a few of you, and will be going up again.

Got a few things to fix up on the Fazer , and still need to get the Bandit sorted for Ross, once hes passed his test, so will more than likely be posting for help, if/when i get stuck :slight_smile:


Hello Welcome to the forum matey…

Hope you enjoy your stay

probably just missed ya, as we went onto borough market, but welcome anyway

:slight_smile: Hi Jay Welcome To LB Be Good To See You Around :slight_smile:


hello , welcome :smiley:

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome Jay,
I’m the one on the newer FZ6 you followed back up the M23 on Friday, sorry I went off at the top but caught a few green lights and was needing a slash :smiley:

Ah , Hi M8.

Thanks for waiting for me on the way back, & sorry if I slowed ya down any :w00t: .

It was good at the end, the little goupe of us, all filtering that mass road block back to Croydon,

Then a group of Scooot’s started buzzing in and out of us , next thing , every ones gone & i’m following 2 other bikes down Purly way ,lol :pinch:

Anyway, good ride back, Thanks :slight_smile: