A big big thank you

Tonight on my way home from cubana and coming off the one way system at tower bridge in the outside lane… a car decided to do a u turn from the inside lane in front of me and the mini van behind me… i slammed on the brakes and the back end of the back just was not playing with. Ended up doing a nice little slide down the road that would have made any footballer proud…

minivan pulled brakes - whole life flashed before my eyes when i stared up near the grill of that van… the lady that stopped was very very nice and saw the whole thing… so concerned that she pulled her van across to stop oncoming cars…

a paramedic was in a car behind her jumped out - told me to sit down and there i am saying my bike my bike - whats wrong with my bike…

eventually realising i wasnt moving until the bike was moved him and a passerby picked the bike up and moved Baby onto the pavement… Poor Baby - saved by my knee which is now on ice and nicely swelling up… she has a few scrapes but started up first time and worked perfectly on my way home… the paramedic a biker as well had given her a look over (must be the first time professional medical assistance was given to a bike)

so here is a big thank you to a few people -

the mini van lady
the paramedic
the pedestrian who helped pick Baby up
knox knee pads cos they saved my knee

and to the LB’ers who immediately rushed over after i had called one person

so big big thanks to

Charly (who took a cab and then walked a bit - beer in hand)
and WIGGY who tested Baby and then rode all the way home with me…

LOVE you guys

Thanks You have no idea how much that meant to me!

Ive just got off the phone with Kim and she is ok just got a bit of swollen right knee…(had to go and do same as me with the knee, but different knee eh?)

What IS it with these effing U turn assholes??? They should be given some kind of driving test again…it dont take much to check a damn mirror…what if Kim was on her bigger bike? This sucks, it really does !! How many of us have had asshole blind drivers do this to them? God it makes me so mad…(wheres my bloody gun !!)

Baby has got cosmetic damage now and dent in can…she can be repaired, but that assholes got away with this…just drove off without stopping…

glad your not to hurt kim, just rest and take it easy,

hope you got all the details of the people that stopped in case of any insurance claims you want to make.

Ahhhhhh nooooooo!! Saffa down Wish I was there to help you me dear…good to hear it’s not too bad though. Mental note…bring Kim some biltong next week to make her feel good


Sorry to hear about whats happened. You make sure you get a bit of rest tomorrow and throw a sickie, rest the leg and see how you feel tomorrow.

If you need anything and I can help just give me a shout. Glad that you’re ok.

Sorry to hear about your off Abbey. Glad to hear there was lots of support for you xx

hi abbey babe, just read about your off…sorry to hear it…let me know if you need anything…dont go to work except fri and sat night…have loads of time on my hands if you need any help with anything.be glad to help…joe

Ouch that is not nice! Is there any point to check for CCTV in the area? It may pay off and then the driver will have to redo their license. I honestly believe these culprits should not only pay up big time, get points BUT also have to do a compulsory 3 day CBT in Central London! That would change their perspective. Driving off like that is poor behaviour and indicative of low morality.

Get well soon and hope that you can sort your “Baby” bike out quickly and inexpensively.

how was it you put it Charlie… wasn’t it you will heal but the bike needs repairing. lol

Any time AJ, hope your not feeling too much pain this morning

Glad this wasn’t to serious, random U turners are the worst!

Time to start honing that spidey sense


bloody hell Kim - hope you’re okay - and that baby isn’t too badly damanged poor you!

Shout if you need anything :slight_smile:


oh no, really sorry to hear this. get well soon to both you & bike!

Sending you a big hug darlin’.

Take it easy.

I presume nobody got the details of the u-turning prick?

sorry to see this post, hope you and the bike are not to badly damaged. those roads around there are full of cctv cams,although if the w####r did not actually make any contact he/she is merely a witness. bloody typical “never been in an accident” but caused loads of them a##hole.

hope to see you out and about soon and well done those LBs who responded for you.

Hey Kim,

really sorry to hear about your tumble! Bloody people u turing! Iam pleased to hear so many people stopped and helped and a big well done to the LB members that came to yoru aid!

Hope you and bike heal soon xxx

Sorry to hear it AbbeyJ, glad you’re OK. Could be worse, when one of the U-turning b@st@rds did it to me I piled my Kawasaki into her front wheel and wrote off both bike and car (and nearly me) so good to hear that Baby’s OK too. LB support network proves itself in in action yet again - I’m proud to be one of us. Get well soon.

Hugs, Wiz

Kim, so sorry to hear about your off. Whats up with these f*****g p****s.
Glad to hear you’re ok and baby isnt too badly damaged.
Always worth checking the cctv.
Nice one LBers, what a fab community to belong to

Let me know if I can do anything xxx

Your Welcome!!

There was no way that Oli & I could go home knowing that you may have been hurt.

Our hearts were racing trying to get to you.

I hope you are ok and we’ve always got your back girl!

Oh you poor thing - just found the note - thought a little strange you had not posted a morning note…a women after my own heart - “hows the bike!”. Was riding on manchester Velodrome a while back and came down from the top of the banking - me coach came over -“you okay?” my reply “how’s the damn bike”.

must admit wasn’t great last night with the light dusting of rain making the roads slippery.

Maybe Baby just doesn’t want to part from you!!!

Take care my dear - put yer feet up - hope you got a few packets of frozen peas around :slight_smile:

Noooo !

Well, at least you’re pretty much ok and so is the bike - and had it been the Hornet I might not be saying that.

anything I can do, let me know, and well done those who rushed to assist.