a BIG BIG BIG Praise to B

Just want to say a big thank you to B who welcomed me in his workshop today to do some fine tuning on the beast after he did a great job on her suspension at PJ and Rich’s BBQ.
A couple of weeks ago I rode the beastie to and from work for a few days and I felt that something wasn’t right with the bike. Whenever I went over bumps or gravel it all transferred to my back and the pain was getting more intense every day so decided to seek professional help - B. He told me to bring the bike down any day after work and he’d have a look.
Today I popped round with some biscwits in me bag and B started straightaway. Took the bike for a ride, did some roadside tweeking, came back and asked me to test ride it. She is back to being perfect again :smiley: no more sore back :smiley: and as you can tell the grin is back on my face :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you B, you are THE MAN !

I shalll recomend you to everyone with suspension issues…only forgot to pick up a few business cards to give them out to people who don’t know you yet :rolleyes:

Thanks Marta:) Your ZZR1400 is an incredible piece of kit, it’s at home dawdling along or ballistic if you get heavy handed… get to the twisties and it’s just as much fun hustling it round. Put a grin on my face too!