A Better pic of my fiancee

well congraz mate…

you got 4 it ginger…

you go for it son.

have you run out of that bottle of rohypnol yet…

Congratulations Ginge, v happy for ya
As already said-if its right its right, I hope you’re very happy

Congratulations fella! Pleased for you!

If ya feel its right then who are we to say otherwise; you can get engaged and then marry in 2 months, 9 months, 3 years…whos to say what works and what doesn’t - if it feels right then you go for it. Good on ya fella, all the very best to you and yer girl.

Congrats to you Ginge, sometimes you just know and if it feels right do it xx

Well done Ginger.

I hope it works out, and fair play for diving in. Make sure you enjoy the good times…and ignore this rabble

Love ya baby…all the best and take it as it comes…go with what you both feel and face up to whatever comes next together, if it works good on ya, if it dont? Then its experience to learn…thats life, thats what its all about…so go for it !!! When she coming on rideout with us???


Engaged? Paying her mortgage? Is this for real?

Don’t know how many wimmin you been out with son but this does seem a wee bit dissillusioned?

Or I could be wrong? I got engaged to a girl after 3 months, she turned out to be a psycho, so I booted her out, people change/evolve in short periods of time mate…

Be careful

Congrats, you look very happy in your avatar, long may it last.

Awww ginge, best of luck to you… u are luffly & cuddly

the girl in your avatar is a different one to the pic you posted???

are you telling porky pies ginge???

Fair play to u mate, i wouldnt personally as i dont think u got time to get to know her yet. But thats not to say it isn’t right…

Best of luck 2 ya…and wait some time b4 having some kids…there plenty of time for that later!

…just enjoy the practice!

What a lovely looking young lady. I wish you all the happiness in the world darling. Well done fella - just don’t spank her too hard ay!!

Congrats ginger, nice one mate

…Oh and good luck

you must be sure, that the girl is pure, for the funky cold medina…

buv-pe-buvbuv-pe-buvbuv… funky cold medina

i bet shes kept in a cupboard as a prisoner all chained up and close to death after a sever bumming as we speak

Well done ginge I hope you two are very happy together…