A Better pic of my fiancee

for the people who asked me on todays ride out here is a beeter pic of my fiancee

by the way she is on the left as you look at the photo



she’s a cracker mate…

she is the one with the beaming smile on the right?

cheeky smiled.

good lord! fiancee already?! whatever next, kids? xx

yep she wants my kids so be expecting another ginger soon logging onto londonbikers

****ing hell ginge ive seen better looking teeth in a cosworths gearbox!!!

westie he’s already paying her mortgage!!!

fiancee… u being serious…has she agreed??

yep she sure has i met her on the saturday i saw her wednesday the following week we were engaged

nah shes the good looking one one the left

your cheekey smiled

Anil, its all part of the poor girls community service! she has to help a person in need within the community!! the council couldnt think of anyone better than ginge!!

yeah but she aint no chav and shes the one on the left

oh blimey! gawd help her!!! ha ha

are you Weeksy in disguise ??? is it a “ginger” thing ???

ps, congrats, cubic zirconia was it ??

It sounds like a Craig David song!!

We’ve not met yet but congratulations to you both

F*ck off Ginge shes got Downs aint she

heres the real pic of gingers fiance!! some say she can out eat ginge at any seaside resort!

do you not think you might be rushing into things ginge??

yeah im wondering which will fall to peices 1st the XJ600 or the relationship

Dont knock the bike Suzuki want it for research as it is as quick as a Hayabusa with Ginger on it

what this one???


keighley 1.JPG

flats…ive an idea for the next ride out!!!

the ginga ride to gretna green…!!!

ginge…is she really smileing or has she got wind?

just a question…

run smiled run.