A bad idea?

Sun is out tomorrow, reckon a small bimble is in order to re-acquaint myself with my good ol KTM. Had to pick the coldest day of the year… and I only have summer gloves. Thoughts? :smiley:

Buy some warm ones.

By tomorrow?

Gonna head out and see how long I’ll last… :smiley:

A great idea, first up head off to Get Geared at 290 Kingston Road KT22 7QE (assuming you still be living over that side) and grab yourself a bargain or two and head off for the day :slight_smile:


Haha not that close to that anymore, much closer to p&h so I might head in that direction… or I might try and man up

Just been in the garage and its too cold in there to fit me muffs :frowning:

Do it. You only regret the things you didn’t do.

Thoughts??? A crisp clear day putting nice cold air into a fire breathing twin, why would you not go out?? :slight_smile:

enjoy the ride and man up lol.

Have your hands thawed yet out after your mad, inadequately gloved bimble earlier? It was chilly enough in the car, so sod going out on the bike!

his battery was flat, he didn’t go out.