A 996....right up the ar$e

What a way to ruin your day…not to mention a nice bike.

Ducati 996 Vs Bimota Sb8R
Uploaded by novattitude

Beautifull roads

Beautifull weather

Beautifull bikes

Not a beautifull ending.

Awesome riding by those guys

Was a bit of a close call though

So, he broke his back two months previously and then rides like that?! I am assuming that anyone who has broken their back would have to have taken some time off their bike and would be a little rusty. As for the guy following him, well, need I say it.

Was the video speeded up in places, as they looked to be shifting along, but the Ducatis speedo didn’t seem to be reading that high?

Still nice ride, shame about the ending

I would like to recommend an advanced riding course for these guys, teaches you how to corner properly on public roads. Aside from the actual crash, some other their positioning was terrible.

Good video aside from that.

re the broken back thing, I did mine in three places, took me about 6 months to re-ride, and I guess you could say I was rusty, some wd40 soon sorted that.

I was shocked how often they were running wide and getting uncomfortably close to each other, the DJ Youtube clip at IOM TT Mad Sunday thread was the total opposite, smooth and controlled

looks like the guys from fastbikes? seen one or two vids of them flying across europe (the commentary voice seems familiar)

could be wrong tho

lucky bloke, could have been doing some serious superman action if he’d gone a bit wider…

I have another at home…I’m pretty sure it’s the same guys…the commentary is done by the same person for sure…it has Shakey Burnes in it too…they are bombing about in France…nutters…the lot of them.

Ditto all of the above, effing scary to watch.

Dying to know what road it is, looks so much like the route napolean.

You’re right on the trip into thin air - that was a bit of a drop…

Sadly the Fastbikes videos like that are consigned to history. Those were the start of Shakey Byrnes career. Bloody amazing to watch, apart from this crash of course. Nutters, the lot of them. I have a few of those vids…

Man they can RIDE!!!

The voice-over is the bloke who runs that bike shop on Kings Road at Worlds End.

Quality loony riding but i can only feel the crash was getting a little inevitable… Lucky not to run wider and fly…

Thats ‘RPM’ at their best… Got a few of their dvd’s and met some of the stunning girls at kings road!

Stunning vid … some great riding although their positioning did make me cringe at times. The Ducati rider did very well to shave off his speed the way he did … it could have been so much worse! The main thing is they both seemed to be more or less in one piece.

You talking about the Duke riders nuts or the two riders?