A 41 Tring bypass

watch oot if ya use this dual carraigeway. No speed cameras yet but the boys in blue like to hide themselves up the on ramps where ya can’t see em till it’s too late. (feckers)

Usually are in unmarked omegas.

Come on Puppy, you can outrun an omega with that super van of yours, can’t you? wimp


what do these new fandangle cameras look like? ive only just got back to england after 2 years in N/Ireland where there is only six cameras (all in the belfast area) but now back in london i’m scared my license wont stay clean for long!

Tis very simple rule my friend.

Stick to 30’s, 40’s, n 50’s.

this is a very true statement, i’ll keep that in mind, but what are the cameras like? are they similar to the normal GATSO style?

APOLOGIES!! i posted my first reply on the wrong thread! not too clever with these computer thingys!.. sorry