A 30 Staines Ashford

Today, Wed 26, saw a traffic car ahead, so slowed down and started looking around as my 6th sense had been triggered . . . . sure enough the A30 on the way up to Ashford Hospital had an ANPR unit, several Traffic Cars and Pan Euro’s waiting to give lucky people a tug.

Not sure if this is linked to the “Mobile Police Support Unit” lorry that was lurking in the A30 layby Staines side of the M25 J13 as this unit sometimes hangs out on the A30 at Runnymeade/Egham which is there sometimes without any ANPR kit around. Maybe it is just anti terror control for Heathrow ? The A30 at Runnymeade/Egham also sometimes has a man in an escort sized van parked on the verge of the road photographing the fronts of cars heading towards the M25, danger is just past the apex, 3/400M past Maranello Ferrari. Dont take the pi55 as they have been known to jump out of the vans and write down bikers numbers as they are passing