a $140k heavy modified 1198

Ducati 1098r modified to 1098rs Superbike Specs - FGR900fork, TTXr 46 rear, Brenbo Calipers, race electronics, Magnesium wheels, AllTitanium nuts & bolts .
From the rider " this is a 1198RS when I ride it on the street I put thestreet side and upper fairings for the lights and the front wheel I run on thestreet has stock rotors because they don’t bite as hard as Superbike ones"“and yes just about every nut and bolt is in Ti as are theaxel,handlebars,etc and the bike weight”

guys puts 140k into a bike :w00t: but should have spent it on learning how to corner

oops , more money than sense

To be fair . look what he was wearing when he turned up ? jeans and brown leather jacket with red n black golves ?

Plus , he’s fatter than me !!

Not just more money than sense, more money that riding skill…

Not really understood why so many people low side there, as the road looks to be on camber as you ride up…

All the crash videos I’ve seen on that Mullholland Rd, either it’s a slippy surface or the septics are just sh*t at corners :smiley:

Shudda spent some of the 140k on a set of crash bobbins .


A few less cakes would save a hell of a lot more weight than all that titanium.

Still needs to remember to go keep the rubber side down though.

He wasn’t even turning when he went down… look at the black line he lays down… body was positioned but then he forgot to actually turn the damm handle bars! MUPPET!

Locked the rear, did he lock the front too? Doesn’t look like he should have lowsided that fast if he didn’t…

what is it with these guys and that bend seem loads of clips with riders lowsiding there bikes…Could it be the only bend they have come across :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (possible being across the pond) ???

The immortal words “D’OH!” spring to mind…

Mulholland drive is through the mountains in southern California so its a very dry & dusty place, mix that with poor riding & you get plenty of funny youtube clips :slight_smile:

Ouch. I’m no expert but that didn’t even look like a hairy corner or a fast speed or maybe the guys before him made it look easy?

I thought that too…all that money losing weight off the bike, should have spent some of it on a treadmill.

Still…we shouldn’t really knock the guy for splashing cash on his bike, if I could afford it I’d probably do the same too. However the crash seemed really bizarre.

poor bike …

'cause the 1098R was a bit tame for the road to start with:doze:

thats a front lock up - he’s crossed up to start with before he target locks, and forces it down. you can see from his helmet he can’t possibly be looking thru the corner.

shame for the bike!