98 Suzuki GSX-R 600 SRAD


I bought 2 bikes by mistake on eBay recently and am selling the one I don’t want.

Unfortunately, the seller decided not to tell me that 5th and 6th gear don’t work too well. The utter twat. “Oh, honest mate, I didn’t know…”

So, honesty being my policy, here is a description:

1998 GSXR-600 SRAD
25K on the clocks
Tyres are good
C&S are good
Brakes are very good
Condition is fair/OK.
MOT till mid december
Tax until February 2011.

The clutch is slipping so needs replaced.

A new clutch, which is definetely required, is supplied with the bike. That consists of gasket, friction plates and new springs. And 5 litres of oil.

This may solve the 5th and 6th gear thing and it may not. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th are smooth as you like.

I’m looking for £500 cash in hand for a quick sale. I spent £770 on the bike and a further £70 on the new bits for the clutch.

If it doesn’t sell, I’ll replace the clutch myself and if it sorts the gear issue, I’lll jack the price up to £1000 as I’ll sell it regardless.





bargin that… :slight_smile: if i didnt have 3 bikes in the garage id snap it up

come to think of it where about are you ? ill come and have a look :slight_smile:

I quite like the sound of a winter project - then could leave the Speed3 in the garage for the winter.
Can I come and have a look?

Hmm, that’s def worth a look!

People can come and look, no problem.

I’m in Hanwell, W7. I’ll have finished replacing the clutch by saturday.


just a quick question… how did you manage to buy 2 bikes by mistake? did you finger slip on the mouse button?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Put an offer on one bike…he iddn’t accept within 24 hours so I thought “ocht, he’ll turn it down” and promptly last minute bid on another. Won that and then the other guy accepted the offer. Whoops.:w00t:

Hmm… I interested in the Gixxer.

I bought a 750 not so long ago and might be nice to have a spare bike!

PM’d you my deets…

Bugger - i must learn to read the posts before getting too excited!..

soz :blush: