'97/98 Bandit 600 engine rattles when cold

The noise seems to be coming mostly from the top of the engine, where the timing chain cover is. This started shortly, but not nearly immediately, after giving it new oil. It disappears when the engine warms up to its normal operating temperature.

It doesn’t seem to be exactly related to the revs, but does get quicker as the bike revs faster. The valve clearances are fine and the timing chain is tight. We’ve checked all the nuts and bolts we can find.

I’m basically after pointers as to what it’s likely to be, ideally ones that don’t involve pulling the engine to bits…

how noisy? the oil cooled engine are a little noisy rattly at first anyhow.

if you know some1 else with same bike compare it.

cam chain tensioner probably :slight_smile:

It’s perceptible but not that loud. It’s not audible from a distance, and you have to listen for it, really. But it definitely wasn’t there before.

Camchain tensioner is fine, but we’ve not checked the sliders.

it could quite possibly be valve clearances, when was the last time / service this was done?

Checked it the other day, they were all happily within tolerances.

I have a 2002 Bandit with a rattle from the top-end, but opposite way round, get worse when warmer, i.e. the oil thins out. I asked for the valves to be tested at a service & was told not necessary as this noise is down to slight movement on the cam. I was skeptical and “googled” it, found a couple of examples of the same noise. Checked the valves myself and all OK. This was over 7000 miles ago (on a 13,000 mile engine) no change in the noise and only occurs below 3K RPM. Apparently a ‘cure’ is to put feeder hose up to the head to allow more oil flow.

With yours, I guess that the oil level is normal & you have used the same oil as before (when you were not hearing the noise)?

Can you pin point the noise to a certain area (long screwdriver held on the engine in various places with handle in your ear works well)

As far as we’re aware. It’s my brother’s bike, I’ll double check with him.

Yeah, this is what makes us think it’s in the timing chain cover. But that point’s also quite ideally shaped to amplify any noise, anyway, I think.