950SM and SuperDuke....

950SM Vid:

And a superduke one:



What a nice videos ! Loved it

Only the middle one works, but damn theres some nice peg scraping

I want to see the rest!! Brilliant! A friend, Nick has one of these, and he raves about it. Lovely looking bike as well.

Edited and had a play around with them so they should work now…

Look like fun dont they!

LOL… Oh dear, the third one is just sad, poor guy. Hope he had crash-bungs. I’d wager that this bike isn’t as tough as the smaller KTM’s. The first video was cool, though I couldn’t help but think the guys were a couple of accidents waiting to happen, very sloppy!

Why did his bike do that? id be pissed if that was mine, they never said the bike likes to take mid-day naps a Ally Pally

Nice vids, that third one…… OOOOOps!!! How sick would you feel?