£950 Honda Hornet


I’m toying with the idea of selling the Honda CB600F I purchased before I went off on holiday.

Bought on a whim as it was cheap but once again, my CB1 is fine for what I need. Plus since I moved, I can now walk to work.

Toying with the idea of selling. The basic specs are as follows:

41k on the clocks
Yellow in colour

The bad bits:
No Service History
Rear seat lock appears to be stuck (not sure why…I havent tried much)
Tank has been resprayed at some point but is fine. Most people wouldn’t even say this to a potential buyer.
Tank guard has sticker residue on it (I’m sure it can be removed, I haven’t tried)

The good bits:
Two new tyres
New Chain and sprockets
Tax and MOT end in May next year (2012)
Starts on the button and rides well, no running problems whatsoever
Braided hoses on front and rear
New Beowulf exhaust (removeable baffle)
Renthal bars and grips
Crash Bungs

£950 rides it away, please don’t waste time making offers. Very crap picture is below. :slight_smile:



keep it till july, and then sell it!

nothing to do with my restriction running out in july or anything… :stuck_out_tongue:

If I keep it, I’m spraying it matt black for simplicity’s sake and chop the exhaust in half! :stuck_out_tongue:

You still got it?

pukka bikes, do anything but motorway work on them, and they will slay bigger bikes in corners if you try.

950 quid…BARGIN!

given the amounts of bikes GC has gone through, I doubt this one’s still around after a year… :smiley: