94 RRR blade with GSXR K5 tail conversion

this is the work my mate is doing and ive been following his work for awhile hes got some amazing talents being that he use to be a design engineer and just loves to mod things

That’s an awesome thread - wish I had the machining kit to do things like that!!!

He’s one seriously well motivated and talented guy! I love posts/stories like that.

Page 8 and more to come by the look of it!!

I will be reading that until it’s finished now! Lol!!

absolutely incredible, can’t wait for more updates!!

That guy is a genius…a superb job, that is going to be a really nice blade when he is done.

the guy is a genius with all his fabrication skills cant wait till its finished and looks like he will be taking it to hastings for the may day run i will be looking out for that down there :D:D

i called him yesterday and recons itll be finished in 8 weeks then were off out for a ride.

hes waiting for his ohlins forks and afew other bits. what makes the bike special is its got a borekit on it think its 1088 now and its been ported and polish (by himself)

cant wait for it to be finished

That’s great! :slight_smile: .

hmm why have a Honda in first place if you wanted it to look like a Suzuki???

I say buy the bike and that’s that… no point making it something else, like them Toyotas converted to Ferraris:):slight_smile: I do enjoy a completly new look.

Superb thread. That guy’s got a lot of skill and patience. I like the idea, but I’m not sure I could give up the boot space on my blade … it makes it a very practical bike … you can store so much stuff under the back seat of an old blade, and let’s face it, they weren’t bad looking back ends.

hes had that bike from new, done all he wanted to do to it rode it when he wanted and for the last 3 years hes been out on it maybe twice.

so getting the spark back for it as he has many of toys (a 90 3litre turbo supra thats mint with next to no miles on the clock) he wanted to give it a face lift.

many of people want to slate him for what hes doing, i think its ugly and doesnt go with the rest of the bike but the word hes doing is quality and i cant wait for me and him to start getting to work on my bike:P

The guy is pretty telented, there is no doubt about it.

I love what he can do, if he can do that on ever bike or car it’s wonderful, just debating his choice. Does he to freelancing lol??? I fancy a Ducati style headlamp unit:):slight_smile:

Buy a fuggin Ducati then;):P:D

Can he make my Yamaha Thunderace look less like a bus? :blink:

hes not got this up on the blade forum yet so here it is

[quote=cabbie;376273]Here’s the cable to hydraulic clutch conversion needed as the clutch springs have been changed for stiffer items.

Started making the few bits needed to do the hydraulic clutch conversion, I still don’t have the slave cylinder yet (thanks eBay sellers) so this is all guess work.
First part of the mounting bracket, I just bolted a piece of 4mm alloy plate to the original item and cut round it

Here are the other parts, I bought a bling clevis off eBay, a 6mm bolt with the head removed will act as a push rod and a new lever to attach to the old set up, the other piece of alloy plate will be welded to the mount for the slave to bolt to

I got the two pieces of the mount welded today, I filed down the front weld for a smooth finish, I would have liked to gone up the workshop tonight and fitted the system to the bike but as the slave cylinders still haven’t turned up I can’t!!, maybe they will arrive tomorrow?

I finished the slave unit today, this isn’t what was planned but I think welding the cylinder in place might be better than bolts.
I still might need to weld an extra triangle of alloy to the mount for strength but I’ll wait till it’s operational to see if there is any flex.

I made a lever to bolt to the clutch arm but I still don’t know if it’s the right length yet, I needed a 1mm pitch banjo bolt and had to order one, I also had to order a 41" brake line so I’ll have to wait to see how it all works
Here’s the unit fitted

I had the master cylinder bead blaster to match the front brake cylinder and bought a new Pazzo lever and red cap.

So, today the 41" hydraulic line arrived, here it is connected to the slave unit and me nervously refitting it not knowing if I got it right with the sums etc.

I bled out the air, locked up the bleed nipple and gave the clutch lever a pull! it worked and not only did it work it’s perfectly, I can operate the clutch with one finger no problem, also the clutch engages half way between the lever being full in and full out, nice!
There is one small problem that I knew would happen is a tiny bit of flex in the mount when the clutch is depressed, this is due to me being flash and cutting the holes up the front, not to worry, a small piece of webbing welded in Monday and that’ll solve the problem


[quote=cabbie;377232]So, last post in this thread form me as the project is now finished.
Huge thanks for all the kind words and positive feedback etc.
Hope you guys like it? just the number plate to fix.


Awsome! really nice project!

Tastefull mods and colour scheme! Professional job mate :slight_smile:

tis very nice but why not just mnake a gsxr subframe fit the blade?