9/11 102 minutes

i recommend it…


Watching at the moment…finding it very spine chilling indeed.

it was defo one of those events that you will always remember where you where when it happened !!

yes indeed…its not something i’ll ever forget in my lifetime…ive got newspapers i bought of the time up in the loft…

Those poor buggers that felt they had to jump…makes my heart sink…


Yeah I remember the phone call I got telling me to get to a TV. My mate wouldn’t tell me what was going on but insisted that I needed to watch. Saw the second plane hit live.

I was actually playing an on-line game that was mainly Americans, yes way back in 2001, and the whole place was going a bit crazy as the news broke.

I missed the documentary might try and pick it up on 4OD or something.

you just can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to do that, can you?