9/11......10 years on

just wanted to remember those who lost their lives in this awful attack…

and just to say i hope that all those bastards who took over the planes that flew into the towers and the pentagon ect…

i hope they truley Rot in Hell…


loss of innocent life is a terrible thing.

and after 10 years of war, thousands dead, billions spent, they found the alleged mastermind. In his house.

I was only 15 in 2001, so didn’t really think about/process what happened in any great detail at the time … it was just something awful that happened.

Going to New York last year … seeing the thousands of photographs and names of the victims - speaking with the survivors/firefighters at museums - is incredibly moving and has quite an effect on you. Like it is something that actually happened rather than that happened in a film/on TV.

Been watching it on BBC News all day - reading out the names in alphabetical order - they are still only up to the “T” surnames … and they’ve been going for 4 hours now.

Incredibly sad. We will never forget.

and all those that needlessly died in the name of a ‘War on Terror’.

On both sides.

It’s been a pretty depressing ten years . . .

Total horror show from then right up till now. :frowning:

3,000 US dead. Many thousands of civilians killed as a result. I’m sorry if I don’t have much sympathy, but in the grand scheme it’s bullshit like an over-done American film. Far far far far (far) bigger tragedies have happened since, many of you won’t even know when their 10 year anniverseries come up.

You want the honey, but what do you get when you hit a bee’s nest with a big fk off stick?

I was in NY that time. Really shocking, I have sharp memory of the event. Many of people around me that time lost their relatives and friends. An incredible number of people died. Months after, the dust was still in air. And 10 years after, the grief is in hearts of many.

Obviously, what makes a tragedy personal is one’s proximity to its victims or association with one’s own life.
How much is 9/11 relevant to you or other people that are significant to you? If not at all, that’s normal that you don’t give a sh*t about it. Not so many people are truly compassionate when their own lives are not involved. I respect those who are and understand those who ain’t.