8th September air ambulance ride to harwich

Anyone going this year ?

Nobody else supporting this great cause, and riding with 5000 others to the harwich festival?


id be well in for this but the bike is out of action at the moment. missex a few good ones because of this.

The link didn’t work for me. Try this. Nhttp://www.essexairambulance.uk.com/news-events/news/countdown-to-the-motorcycle-run-harwich-family-f


I pre booked this ride months ago, unfortunately due to being still in the cast i can’t attend on the bike. But might go in the car.


I’ll be there.


If My mate gets his R1 sorted I should be going

don’t fancy going on my own & being a billy

If I’m out of hospital in time I’ll be going :wink: It all depends on the quacks getting the right kidney for their pie lol, they are saying not to ride a bike for two days after the op so hopefully that should give me the sixth so an extra two days should be good. Are you meeting beforehand as trying to find anyone in there will be a mission, just post the meeting point if you want to meet and go from there.

All the best