8 years on

Some truly amazing pictures in there, some a little disturbing but i guess a true reminder of the events of this day eight years ago.

Very striking images! Yes some of them are a bit shocking but that is how it was.

Very striking pictures, not only does it remind us of 8 years ago, but also shows the repercussions that remain.

thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tragic events.

ok maybe not the perfect thread to ask this but do you think those people in the third world countries deserved all this because of what one group did? do you think there is or has been any good from this war on terror? if so what?

Great pictures which tell the truth of what did and what is happening.

Countless innocent people are killed every day, but we make a big deal of this event because it happened in a western country!

I sympathise with the people that died, but who will mourn the loss of innocent women, children and men, in the other parts of the world? :angry:

9-11 was terrible - and sympathy with the people that died - but I agree with the comments above - if the Americans get whacked it’s like a world changing event - but if the Americans are doing the whacking (illegal saturation bombing of Cambodia, illegal invasion of Iraq, engineering and supporting death squads in Latin America) - its just business as usual and nobody gives a sh1t. . .

It’s double standards and it f*cking sucks


Thanks for this post BBS. It’s a curious world we live in, sometimes we need a reminder from our day-to-day.