8 car pile up A405 Near Ikea/Ace

One car seemed to hit the brakes and all the others went into the back of each other, i nealry got hit up the bum as i breaked as the guy behind me was following to close, lucky i cane off the breaks and swerved round it all!

Nice one Rixxy, sounds like you are getting the hang of the traffic and streets scenario: you havent wrecked a bike in ages :stuck_out_tongue:

ffs, i hadn’t wrecked one in 2 years, then i wrecked 2 in 2 months! I hope not to crash on the orad ever again! Today was just just proper quick thinking and steering, the old push the bar counter steer trick, i impressed myself!

Never crashed on orad myself.:smiley:

Oh I have! Its worse than a road :wink:

fuuuuuuuuuuuuk u lot!:smiley:

was there gravel? :wink: