8/03/2015 Borring ride to Finchingfield

A bit last minute but I have plan to go to Finchingfield, as it is a bit to early for BCR, I will do “slower” route for tea and back.

Start 1 9:15 High Beach Tea hut
Start 2 9:30 High Beach - King’s Oak pub

Very relaxed route to Finchingfield where after quick coffee/tea/small lunch I will guide all back to the civilisation.30 means 30Arrive with Empty Bladder and Full TanksCornerman System will be used if there will be enough bikesNo white Line overtakersNo NobbersNo show offs
I hope be back within reasonable time when the Sun will be still up in the sky.


Could be up for it. Didn’t J say he was doing something later as he having a dirty stop out tonight

If you’re only perhaps back by dusk, that’s an awful lot of cake time…

No, we are going somewhere in the morning and starting a ride later. Sorry we can’t make this one Robert - too early for us for once, tomorrow. We’ll start something around lunchtime. Have a fun time, it was lovely out today.

No probs. Jet
Have fun and behave :stuck_out_tongue:


Gonna take the later option but look forward to riding with you soon

Due to being still cold and lack of interest I will give a shoot with local group.