750cc wanted, swap.

I am after a 750cc sportsbike or similar, zxr, srad, etc.
Swap for my Gsxr1100k, 1989.

Nowt wrong with me 1100 just find it a bit lardy and too big for the miles i do, mostly in london so would like summat a bit more nimble maybe, lol.

Wot ya got?


Cant believe your letting it go mate, I’d snap it up if I had the room and the dosh… It’s a nice bike, fell in love with it when I saw it

put it on gumtree.com it will be gone by tommorow

how much to buy it mate?

I must admit plenty of pepes wanna buy it, lol.
Have thought bout selling but the awkward thing for me is i need a bike all the time, lol, knowing me i will sell bike and then spend the bloody cash, aaarrrgghhh.
Was thinking sell it and gett that zx7 for sale on here but now that is sold.I will have a think on the selling side.

Hera wot ya saying terry, i love it but using me head here, lol (makes a change).

You sure it was not me ya fell in love with? i seen pics and heard rumours, lol.

Or could have a gsxr 750m/n/wn etc.

Hey m8, would ya be interested in bike @ £1300?

Not had any joy on swap so might have to take this route.

Both set ups in pics have got and some more bodywork/seats.