720 watt portable generator for sale

This is what it is: http://www.wolf-online.co.uk/product.asp?id=001622

I’ve used it three times, it makes 720 watts peak, 650 watts constant. 2 stroke, has a full tank of fuel minus about a pint which is soaked into in the boot carpet of my car :frowning:

Has electronic ignition, a catalyst and is 2008 emissions compatible whatever that means, probably just some sandle wearing green bloke with a beard has put a tick in a box for good effort :wink: Starts very easily with a pull cord and has a manual choke.

Will run for about 5 hours on one tank of fuel, is pretty quiet, much quieter than most I’ve heard and not much noisier than the suite case generators. Very easy to carry with built in carry handle.

Will charge a 12V battery for camping, caravaning, DIY, track days etc but isn’t quite powerfull enough for a pair of good tyre warmers but did power my Tech7 warmers from M&P just fine. If only thr Tech7 warmers were as good as the generator I’d be happy :slight_smile:

It’s in perfect condition obviously, cost me about £80, looking for £50 inc the fuel in the tank :stuck_out_tongue: Or make me an offer :wink: Also have a bottle of 2 stroke oil which is almost new, very little used.