6th friday,bimble

any one going to the ace,frith, and tea bar

I guess I could pop down to see ya

I could be tempted to pop in on my way out on the razzle.

Might do - hadn’t thought about going to Frith this weekend. As long as there are no chicken strips jokes

good to see ya mate

you luv a good razzle,have agood night/might see ya later

fancy a ketucky

Ill be at Frith see ya there Bren

Ill be at Frith see ya there Bren

cant waitsee ya there

Is your bitch coming on his blade?

I didn’t recognise him with a fairing

sorry looks like a had a coughing fit…

i should be there and gina will be on christofs scoootai.

gotta get a new number plate first cos i managed to lose it today on a frisky blast out and about!!!

I’ll be out this week.

I shall be there!

ya me will be there kin ondas

is it the usual fri night .i ll be there