675 crash at Cadwell

Boohoo here’s a new mate Martin putting his 675 down in the second session of the day (I think it was)at Cadwell on Wed just gone. It was at the bottom of the gooseneck hill turning into the 90 degree left hander.

Lucky someone caught it on film…
















Cheers to the Bike photographer who took’em and the 675 net for the images. And Martin for being a good sport about it and not bawling like a baby as I would have done.



Oh! So would I mate! Horrible thing to happen to a bike…

Whoops. Looks like he spun it up, right?

We don’t really know as he can’t remember doing anything odd. He was in the novice group and looking at the entry pics, I think he over leant it - remember that it is a downhill left and therefore off camber.

Whatever, the left bar snapped clean off and the tank got mangled as did the tail unit and pegs. No ridy home for sure, it went in a van …

A guy in the fast group binned his too, and the Bike journo Martin Fitz-Gibbon’s bike went bang as he entered Cadwell! So he got a replacement of Triumph who took the crashed bike away.

And another guy with us binned his Aprilia Falco big time too.

Expensive day for some

Thats going to hurt in the morning and I mean when he walk into his garage and see’s his bike all beat up

I feel for the guy, its such a nice bike

R&G’s will be lil help there!

That could have been worse…it looked like he was getting ready to go sub-orbital in the first few pictures…“fortunate” to take it down to the lowside rather than it hooking up and tossing him over the high side. Either way, it’s no fun for him and shame to see such a nice looking bike beat up.

Oh no, those 675s look sweet. Tell him to get the 4th pic down framed, he looks like demon rider.

Looks like it spun up, I would have thought if it was lent to much at the goose the front would have pushed and tucked before the back let go.

He was looking good as well! Looking at the pics, its hard to tell. I wonder if he was on the back brake though? With it cranked over and the front so loaded on the downhill it would explain the back just sliding round. If not, it could be something on the track that cused the back to break loose, or even the tyre just wasn’t up to it. Hope he was ok and gets the bike fixed up though.

Through the pictures, you can see the throttle position, and the back has gone when he’s fairly wide-open. You can’t tell for sure, but I’d bet a fiver on it being a spin-up. If the tyres are warm, he should be able to lean that bike and get his elbow down.

Still, it’s all semantics, he crashed his bike and will be feeling pretty low about it all by now I’d have thought, poor sod!

Always wondered what the underside of such a gorgeous bike looked like! Just greatful it wasn’t yours bro!

in the last pic there is a green light - is this neutral, if so presumably it knocked into neutral or was it in neutral going round the corner? unlikely I know

Doesn’t look like he’s on either brake to me… His right foot looks too far back to have just moved after braking into the corner and I doubt he could of/would of back braked mid-corner… Awesome pics tho’!

Just out of interest… did all those crash bobbins help any, or did they just save the forks?


Saved the engine casings getting ripped off, but the bar was snapped off and the tail took a beating. That would have been helped by non-folding clip ons and leaving the pillion pegs on apparently.

A real mate would have leant him there bike to finish the session off

What would you know about ‘real mates’ ?