6500 miles, 19 countries, 28 days

I’ve been absent this month - went on holiday! France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, (Trans-Dniester), Serbia, (Kosovo), Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

http://www.whereisgibson.com was the rough route and I’ve got a few videos already on http://www.youtube.com/user/whereisgibson

Romania is truly fantastic, best roads and scenery in Europe for dual-sport bikes.

That’s awesome Martin! - love the U-tube vids :hehe:

Am excited to hear all about ur tale at BM :smiley:

Here’s a few teasers:

WOW!!! I was impressed when I heard you talk when we were at Horizons Unlimited BUT this is something else !!

You are a very lucky young man, wish i had the time to do what you get up to, i have the motivation and the money BUT work still gets in the way, but then i retire in 5 years so will have to look forward to traveling then.

Great pics/vids and even some of the commentry was fairly good!

Catch up soon as i have plans for next year I would like to talk to you about ???

SPG :w00t:

Hi, KTMartin!
Great trip! Brilliant photos and i guess memories!
I’m a newbie on this site, newbie on a bike, too (since july 2009 on the road bike, before that - only quads for several years).
Last summer i did smth like that, too: England-France-Belgium-Holland-Germany-Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Russia-Russia-Russia-Ukraine-Poland-Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Norway-Sweden-Finland-Russia-Finland-Sweden-Denmark-Germany-Holland-Belgium-Frence-England. That was great. I know now what i want! Long trips! You see lots of countries, people, mentalities. You see your friends from the other side. From the REAL side. This summer definetliy will be with couple of loooong motorbike journeys :slight_smile:

Good roads for you and drive safe!

P.S. Sorry for my english, it’s not my native