600ish cc supermoto opinions?

I’ve searched on this forum and done a bit of research on the internet, narrowed my next purchase down to the following:

KTM LC4 640
Honda FMX 650
Husky SMR 630

Would appreciate if anyone who’s owned one or more of these could give a quick opinion? There’s loads of the Hondas about and all reasonably priced, but are they just sh1t? If so, which KTM to go for and why? Anyone have any opinions on the Husky?

Cheers :smiley:

I’ve never owned or even ridden any of those so couldn’t really comment, but wouldn’t fancy any of them tbh. SMC 690 perhaps, but too heavy for my liking. Apparently Yam XTX660 is okish, but again not for me.

Oh, I’ve heard it said on many occasions that the FMX 650 is sht, really really sht.

HTH :slight_smile:

Thanks Allan - that’s what I suspected, no wonder there’s so many of them for sale so cheap :slight_smile:

FMX650, makes less power than the DRZ400 and has the same top speed! Heavy too.I still think it has great looks, especially with them dual exhausts. Also the Honda reliability.I’ve got a friend who has owned about 4-5 XT660’s in his time. Loves them!
Although I have heard that fuel injection on some of the earlier FI models is a let down.

Honestly, take no notice of what I say, was just p*ssing about really. It’s true, I’ve often heard it said that the Honda is really bad but until you’ve tried one yourself, or are sure what kind of bike you like, you shouldn’t rule anything out. Listening to what other people say, unless they are recounting their own experience, isn’t always helpful. Like I think KTMs are great (and I’ve been a KTM owner of one sort or another for 6 years or so), but if you go on to Supermotoforum.co.uk (formerly seventeeninches) they are all into Aprilia SXVs, Honda CRFs etc and really slag KTMs off - if I took any notice of opinions there I’d no doubt be riding something else. Try posting your list of possibles there and see what happens!

Thanks Premises. I was also looking at the DRZ, but I am starting to think that I might as well go up to around 600cc. I think the DRZ ride height might be a bit low for me too as I’m a lanky streak - saw a DRZ the other morning and it looked quite low.

Agree on the twin cans on the FMX, does look nice :slight_smile: I’ll have another butchers at the XT660, I had looked at it but it was one of those bikes that didn’t ‘do it for me’ in the looks department initially, maybe it’ll grow on me.

Being more experienced than me, your opinion is important Allan :smiley: tbh I had heard similar reports on teh internet that the FMX is a bit underpowered so you wouldn’t be the only one who don’t like it :smiley:

I have been on the 17"/supermotoforum (Taffy’s bikes are awesome!), and I think the CRF would need to be converted to a Supermoto from a dirt bike? Probably a bit advanced for a noob like me - I suppose I’d need new wheels/tyres/brakes? I’d rather just get a factory built supermoto tbh. That Aprillia SXV is very nice looking tho…will have a closer look at that one, cheers!

Lovely bike but a bit lumpy for me (too expensive), I will be selling the WR125X to buy the new bike so can’t really spend much more than 4K…unless I do a p/x and do the rest on the never never :Whistling:

What about Honda xr650 there built well and good size for you. There kick start only so no stalling at lights:D
my mate is selling a Ktm 625smc and Ktm 690sm if you want me to pm you number

Thanks mad-dog, I’ll look at the XR650 too…kickstart sounds scary though with my commute hahaha :D. Regarding your mate, I’m just investigating at the mo, then I need to sell my current bike so don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I’ll PM you when I’ve sold the bike and if your mate is still selling then happy days - does he have them on ebay or anything btw?

My problem and this is only personal opinion. 600cc SM’s are generally heavy, single cylinders.Being heavy makes for crappy manoeuvring around town (when compaired to standard light SM’s).
Single cycinders are usually vibey and crappy on fast roads.
Small fuel tanks on a 600 = crappy tank range also.
So kinda impractical. Unless your just more keen on the beefy SM looks and the exhaust sound.

I’m just summing up some con’s for you to consider.

Also remember tax for over 600cc = £74

ive had the ktm 640 on an 03 plate and that is a great laugh to ride it made me feel like a kid again :slight_smile:

and also raised my riding ability 10 fold

now that i think about it i didnt ride it once with out laughing to myself :smiley:

Valid points mate, thanks. I think the reasoning behind my decision to look at 600cc is that I already purchased a 125 when in hindsight I perhaps shouldn’t have, I’m a bit worried about getting a 400 cc bike and then want something a bit more powerful again after a short time.

The main thing for me is the comfort. I am tall (6’ 7") and quite heavy (18.5 stone), I did my DAS on a hornet which, although was great fun, was very uncomfortable, so supermoto appeals to me for the higher ride height and more upright riding position.

The DRZ was one of the bikes I first looked at. I like the fact it’s relatively cheap, cheap to run, reliable, all the after market stuff, etc. I worry about the ride height having seen a couple on the road - I think I just need to go and find one at a dealer and sit on it though to be sure.

tbh some of the newer (post 2008) KTMs don’t look very big and heavy to me, the 690SMC looks very nice to me aesthetically, but also looks like it’s still quite narrow and manouverable.

I think all sumos will suffer from the single cylinder problem no? Apart from the Aprillia with its V Twin (would love to hear that!)

Good point about the fuel tank, although in my WR I can only get 8.5 litres so I’m used to filling up regularly lol, although I do get good miles to the gallon obviously.

Looks would definitely affect my decision but practicality comes first, and who doesn’t like the sound of an after-market exhaust lol :smiley: I don’t have too many goals in life, but owning a bike with twin acro’s is one of them hehehe :hehe:

Thanks stuntmartin, a bike that makes me laugh to myself sound very appealing mate! :smiley:

Haven’t you miss a model in the XR range M-D?:smiley:

Save time and money and get KTM 690 SMC.

You could get cheaper drz or 625 smc but you will sell them shortly and buy 690 smc anyway :slight_smile:

I test rode the husky 630, I was kinda disappointed with it’s power, but other than that it was a nice bike, I’m 6’5 and just over 18.5 st:Whistling: and it was comfortable, I could throw it about ok and knee down both sides, the thing stoppied really nice and felt lovely up on the front wheel, it was an absolute bitch to wheelie, my 610 used to come up in 1st and 2nd and would carry through the box, (that’s probably why my big ends gone) but the 630 just seemed to be lacking any sort of aggression. It did have a 12 litre tank though! I took the missus out on it for a little bit and it had a little bit of go in it even twos up but lost all of it’s fun factor for throwing it about:)

The 511 looked more of an animal but I didn’t get the chance to test one, and that only has an 8ltr tank!

but of course, you’re not looking at a SuMo for doing motorway miles, comfort or fuel efficiency; if you are, think again :wink:

Town or twisties = :smiley:

If looking at a KTM LC4, I’d go with the newer version in the the 690 range for reliability, so I’ve been told.
TBH, if I could have afforded it, I would have probably bought a 690 SMC, but they’re a horrible colour :wink:

if u are looking for something around town u will be fine with the DRZ although the seat position isn’t to high, i am 6ft and i could comfortably reach the gound with both feets flat. if u want a SM for B roads then definitely 690SMC, if i remember corectlly the seat height is 10cm higher then the DRZ and it feels twice more powerfull once u pass 60mph.