60 years of Vespa girls

ahh the Vespa girls…

the tradition of getting beautiful women (or drawings of women) to sit on Vespas for adverising goes back a long time as seen in this nice collage


what vespa:D


In 2 years of Vespa riding it never attracted any glamorous European women…
Did turn me into this lad though :smiley:

Very nice ladies.

They are not wearing any protective clothing at all!

They all need to go over my knee…

nice puppies at 0:46

They look a bit high maintenance to me

Not to mention the vespas :w00t:

I really hope you’re not suggesting that Scooters are for girls…

(I just can’t resist the blue touch paper…)


theres a girl around my area i see on a vespa all the time… shame shes not pretty :frowning:

+1 (in 5 years)

had to move to Fazer 600 to get anywhere near hot bike-loving laydeez, only Street Triple R delivers the top quality :smiley:

white top, white hat covering her eyes…mmmmmm