60 M P H may be a thing of the past

acording to the news today the goverment may give local authorites the power to impose speed limits on country roads,in a bid to reduce accidents,30 mph on a nice winding country omg

Nothing like spoiling fun is there.

You’d have been doing that the other day with Fab and that rucksack anyway

after what ive just seen on the pictures forum (eye opener…) of all those mangled bikers …im speechless

but no doubt i will get over it when i fire up the beast again…but much more careful

Nothing suprising there then…

Lets just spoil everyone’s fun, that’s what this government is all about. But if you think about it, lets hand all power to the local fuddy duudy councilors, all retired with nothing better to do than impose rules and regulations that will help everyone.


you guys need to come here!.. Munich Autobahn that is!..