55 miles for a spot of lunch

Saw this on Arsebook and is true, I did a round trip of 110 miles yesterday to the Butchers Hook cafe in Heathfield for lunch :grin:

Worth a visit if you’re nearby , especially now Wesson’s cafe is no longer open.
Butchers Hook Cafe
Burwash Rd, Heathfield TN21 8RA

That’s not lunch, that’s a heart attack on a plate. You need to think about what you’re eating Gav :slight_smile:

I was on a large capacity single cylinder bike with knobbly tyres on wet greasy roads. A heart attack is the least of my worries!


To be fair, some additional weight probably helped you improve the grip :slight_smile:

And will help you bounce when you fall off

Blueboys and the Willow Cafe aren’t far away either.

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Nivag, you been a dirty boy again. :grinning:

Nothing wrong with being dirty :grin: got absolutely filthy in Thetford forest yesterday :rofl:

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That explains a lot