53 (poss 54) Plate Black Piaggio Scooter - Attempted Theft

A Long shot… but if you own a 53 (poss 54) plate Black Piaggio Scooter which is parked up in the Bike bay of Dockhead SE1 you might like to know that two of the local ‘Youths’ were attempting to steal earlier today (Sat 21 Nov).

They had a screw in the ignition (which the police have removed)… I presume with the intention of getting the barrel out… Anyway, I told them to F off and called the MPS… Just check checked on it and they’ve not been back for it yet!

you live nr there m8, i am only down the road.

good call too.

Yep towards Bermondsey Wall West… it’s still there so looks like they’ve not come back for it yet!