50cc biker has a question

Hello LB, Since i live in woolwich and may get a job in gravesend i will use my bike to travel…the easiest way for me to get where i may work is down the A2… Now once you have done your cbt you are allowed down A and B roads but i have heard you are not allowed on the A2… Does anybody know if this is true ?

cheers ryan :w00t:

Legally you can ride a 50cc moped on the A2, or even a push bike… however I wouldn’t, you would be extremely vulnerable. There is an alternative route between Woolwich and Gravesend which on a 50cc moped wouldn’t take much longer, as you’re limited to 30mph anyway. It’s the A206/A226 through Plumstead, Erith and Dartford.

yeah i know the alternate route been there a few times :slight_smile:

i am limited to thirty :Whistling: cheers for your help :smiley: