5 x Pentium 4 PC's, all good specs!

Im selling 2 x HP D530 pc’s, 1 x HP D510, 1 x HP DC7100 & 1x DC7600 - Im after a quick sale as I want the room back in my living room! They would sell for at least £60 on ebay but I just want rid.

The DC7100 has no hard drive or memory but the other 4 PC’s are all working and complete & in good condition.

Its just the base units only - they are small form factor.

1 PC has a CD/RW & another a CD/RW&DVD ROM

Processor speeds are:

D530 - P4 2.8 & 2.4 Ghz
D510 - P4 2Ghz
DC7100 - P4 540
DC7600 - P4 630