5 steps to 7/11 heaven

  1. Buy it 2) Strip it

  2. Mod it

  3. Rebuild it

  4. Thrash it

Big thanks to Terry-motto and his his attractive assistant Tug, cheers dude for selling and even delivering my next money pit

The old dog on its wheels waiting to go into the love shack to get nekid

And this is the genetically moddified GSXR 750J frame just waiting for a 1100 motor and some updated running gear

WTF is this doing in the Fighter section, when most people know a fighter is a sportsbike slung down the road & has flat bars and twin lights.

How can you start off from scatch, pump all your money in, rape other bikes & be individual

Keep us updated with your build Fella

And for a extra £3 my assistant would have performed swan lake on the back of the tipper

TUG in a TU-TU…for 3 whole english pounds…i’d of sold a kidney to see that

STEP 2 of the BASKET CASE will start 2morra (fotos to follow)

dont call terrymoto a basket case,he cant help it

ear mate wot you want for that old bandit,be nice when its done

He’ll wear his Tutu for free on a Sunday. (Just remember to call him by his Sunday name, Britney )

Some of Britneys favorite sing-a-longs

“OOPS Tugs done it again”


“Tug me baby 1 more time”

Step 1 …can somebody please turn the lights on!!!

Thanks suzie

Keep your hands of my 1100 motors


Sickpup, the 11 motor aint yours dude (this ones a runner:whistling …its outta this…

The old dog got striped tonite, cheers BTW to Oncas for the lift and for christening my floor with oil The complete rolling chasis has been left outside for the pixies. Im hoping its gone in the morning and they might of left me some money under my pillow

The cases are in good nick, #2 & 3 header flanges are siezed on and 2 of the plug holes are growing a new civilization but that all adds to the fun

The parts list so far…

750J frame and swingarm, complete Gsx1100f loom/cdi/coils

Busa forks, TL bottom yoke , billet top yoke and risers, renthals

Gixer 1000 K2 Oz Racing wheels, AP racing cast iron disc up front, wavey on the rear

Z 650 tail unit as a solo seat ( this may be changed)

Well the rolling chasis of the T-Pots gawn… came down in the morning and …ta-dah

I made a minor f*ck up today while desposing of the old engine oil, i heard a clatter as i was pouring it away and then remembered Oncas left the feckin sump plug in there

Ive got a ****load of GUNK ready for the BIG CLEAN UP this weekend, and then im gonna strip the motor for inspection

Ok im a step 3 already folks… the modify stage

Scored this’un last nite

Mock up…

The problem… machine off the frame swingarm frame lugs, but this still leaves sprocket and chain alignment issues

Side view is a bit clearer…