5 days away from being on 2 wheels

So 9 Months after joining the forum and asking many randomquestions I am finally on 2 wheels, well I will be on Saturday when I go tocollect my…………… Scooter.

I may not be the power machine that most of you have or the r125 that I wanted when joining but itsmy starting point. And if all goes to plan Ill have my full licence by the end of next year

Just wanting to tank every one for all there advice thatthey have given me while I have been here.

Asoe209, aka .com

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere mate!
Good for you for getting on two wheels!


I’m still on my scooter after about a year. It’s not a bad place to start, and you’re still learn important skills that you can transfer to a geared bike.

I’m in the middle on my DAS right now and get a whopping buzz from the 500cc’s, so might end up selling my scoot, plus it feels real strange swapping between the too.

The scooter feels as light as a feather, but as my instructor said, you twist the throttle on a scooter and it will build up some speed. You do the same on a big bike, and it’s there.

Which scooter did you order?

I went and got the typhoon in the end, just seemed the best value at the moment. Hopefully it should still have some decent value init when i go to sell and pay it off. its on the 2012 plate as well so that’s nice lol.

Cool well enjoy.