Hehe… shameful as it is to admit, I think today is the first time I have ever eaten my 5-A-Day…Normally, I count my 5-A-Day like so:

Hot Chocolate (it’s made from Cocoa Beans)Raspberry MuffinBig Mac (it’s essentially a cheese salad roll with meat* thrown in)Pizza (has tomato sauce on the base)Lager (well, hops are green and they grown - they gotta count!)Since I been doing this, I can’t really argue anymore :smiley: *dubious, I know

Sounds more than a little too common fella :wink:

hate to break it to you but 5-a-day should actually be 10-a-day but as the average Brit runs screaming from veg, they decided 5 was more attainable…

Yeah - I read that before somewhere.

I had another bit of fruit and different salad since I posted, so I’m guessing 6 - 7 today :cool:

Will have to see what I can do when we get the weekly shop done :smiley:

you’re already ahead of the curve then mate :wink:

aim for 3 fruit and 7 veg a day, and ideally get the fruit in around when you train to make best use of it (there’s natural sugar in them so best to use them to refuel after training)

spinach is a great one for getting in the extra portions as steaming or microwaving it takes a whole heap of it into a few mouthfuls.

I’ll try steaming it, but I’ve always found spinach nasty when cooked - reckon I’d rather sit with a bag of it and munch it raw :smiley:

Mark has his 5 a day…5 pints of apples … cider :D:D:D:D:D

Follow it with a Kebab (with Salad obviously) and you are well on your way :slight_smile:

10 a day minimum! Veg is good for you :smiley:

Juicing veg. Its the way forward.

Off to have some watermelon…

What’s the similarity between spinach and a**l sex?

If you never liked it when you were a kid, chances are you never will.

ok for fear this thread is heading down into the gutter, where meat and 2 veg takes on a whole new meaning…

heres what im going to have/had today -

Breakfast 9.15 - bad - egg n roasted tomato baguette from pret, coffee

Lunch 11.20 - good - carrot and orange juice, salad (cauliflour, beets, carrot, cucumber), tin of fish.

1400 - good fruit/veg pot, nuts

Dinner 18.00 - another fruit/veg pot

Evening - bad - beer

I need some inspiration for breakfast, shittiest part of my diet.

Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, on a bed of spinach, topped with grated cheese :smiley: :cool:

My recently started food diary lives elsewhere online. :smiley:


that’s my five a day. :smiley:

All washed down with a pint of lager :smiley:

I wish, can’t mix the first two with any alcohol. The results wouldn’t be nice.

Oooo… have you tried??? We could be on to a nice little earner here :smiley:

Hmmmmm, unfortunately the potential side effects are to put it bluntly rather terminal.

We could still be on to a nice little earner… Mwa Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!