44 Teeth film - Budget Bike Battle

London premier is 15th January

Tickets available here https://www.44teeth.com/our-events/

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looks like their site is having issues! I love the BBB’s Especially when Boothy had that 3 wheeler thing, I was pissing laughing with how bad it was.

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Would go, if their site worked.

Frustratingly it’s a server upgrade that’s knocked over their website just when they wanted to push the final tickets for sale.

I really like some of their bike stuff, then they get lairy and betting who’s got the gayest earlobes or some shit. I stopped watching them when one of their clips was drunk getting thrown out of a bar.

Anyone going to the premier tonight? I’m going. Just bought a ticket at:


I would have gone, but every time I checked the site it was down, and now they have sold out :face_holding_back_tears:

Have they? It seems I can buy a ticket on that link I posted above.

Me and @IMORTAL_Indian are going

I was looking at the wrong window! bugger, way too late now. Have fun guys.

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Had a fantastic time! Great to see some old friends. Loved bringing everything home but the £80 parking fine we all got. Doh. Cheers Rixxy for reminding me about the night! Hope they have all the success in their next showings.

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Challenged the PCN on the grounds it isn’t clear it’s not the carriageway and there were no signs to the contrary. Fingers crossed.


Parking a motorcycle on the pavement is not allowed in London, although that area seems to be fenced off by railings. Where is it and is it pavement?

Here. It didn’t seem to be a pavement, it seemed like part of the road. You could ride onto it without crossing any lines/kerbs/levels fwir.

Nice try but no cigar. On Google Street View it looks to be a pedestrian area surrounded by kerb stone and the railings. The kerb is raised one side and flush with the highway the other and I’ve never seen a ping pong table in the road before.

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

That’s how hipster east London has got, they now have ping pong tables in the road.

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