40mph Speed Limit on Current National (60mph) Roads

Especially if they have “many bends”


since when?



From my understanding they are only talking about the narrowist of country lanes but not requiring any repeater signs i do worry many councils would jump straight onboard.

Although I do like a quote from one of the comments from an ex-diplomatic police biker saying single track limits are ‘aspirational’ anyways. As no one is tasked with enforcing them.

no no no

To be fair a lot of those country lanes, the limits are aspirational cause you can never ever reach them…

I think if you read between the lines on this, firstly it’s nothing more than a recomendation, and secondly it is aimed at single track roads, where it is difficult for two vehicles to pass etc…

If you think about it, it’s the roads that are usually used by farm vehicles and people walking their dogs etc… These roads are not ideal for vehicles travelling at 60mph, and a 40mph limit is more appropriate as it sends out the message that driving along these roads at 60mph might be a little insane, especialy considering the fact that half the time (unles it’s dark) you have absolutlely no idea what is coming around the next bend, potentially also at 60mph! Then throw into the mix that a lot of these roads are badly surfaced and usually have a general amount of mud spread across them from farm vehicles, it’s not the sort of place I’d generally like to take my bike for a spin. :satisfied:

I Think as long as it is looked at sensibly there’s no reason why this woudn’t be a good thing when it comes to road safety. And lets face it, even on the better roads, such as the BCR, how many people stick rigidly to the speed limit anyway? :D:P

As for the comment about these roads only being 10mph less than a motorway, I think that’s another thing tha should be looked at. Motorways have been 70mph for decades, and yet the vehicles we use have advanced so much. Why don’t they also look at raising the speed limit on the motorway? I think a raise to 85mph would be reasonable, considering the advances in vehicle technology. :slight_smile:

I do worry that the “single track” bit might be ignored, for a start the picture clearly shows although a slightly pot holed road that it is clearly marked with to lanes and a very nice sweeping bend… this could be very bad news, as the one place we get to enjoy ourselves within the law may be taken away form us.

We’re not within the law at the moment though, so what difference will it make?

Where does it say it’s aimed at single track roads? Single carriageway isn’t the same as single track. Most country roads are single carriageway, so could come under this legislation as far as I can tell.

I’ve never understood why you’re allowed to go at 60mph on a single carriageway country road but only 50mph through motorway roadworks (like those damn M1 roadworks) where there are barriers and at least two lanes!

Here’s one they slipped in recently …

Following the resurfacing and re-lining to provide cycle lanes the A104 Epping New Road/London Road from Woodford to Harlow now has a 40 MPH limit.

I saw on BBC breakfast tv this morning, one of the people they had on talking about the newspapers mentioned the proposed speed limit reduction.
He said that when he went to visit friends they scared him as they drove fast ‘because they knew the roads well’, so it’s the locals who are also
wrapping themselves around trees etc. Still if you are making progress, they still have to catch you!


does it matter…do you stick to 60 in the nationals?..no most dont.

so it dont matter!

I do …

You won’t catch me exceeding the speed limit, not since Julie’s birthday trip to Lulworth Cove.

to be honest its a minor, there’s undercover bikes, helicopters and marked cars and unmarked cars already out there to catch you out if your being a bit naughty so what does it matter what the limit really is.

I just need the helicopter for a full house, wouldn’t matter if it was marked or unmarked either …

It does matter what the posted limit is, last summer I was happily meandering up and down the A104 at 59 (ish) just like I’ve done for the previous 40 summers and all is well, come the summer of 2012 and just like that I’m exceeding the speed limit by a whooping 30%.

It’s not going to be easy to change a habit of a life time, I might not even bother to put the effort in.

Course it matters Ratty…

OffenceFineCostsPenalty Pointsup to 15mph over the posted limit£44£30316mph to 25mph over the posted limit£45-£100£30426mph to 35mph over the posted limit£45-£200£305-636mph or more over the posted limit£67-£300£30Ban 1 month to 12 months

This would mean that doing 76mph in the nationals could result in a Ban of 1 month to 12 months.

Where currently it would most likely be between £75-£130 and 4 points.


do i live by EVERY LAW of the land…**** no…do i worry about it? **** no…do i obey the speed limit everywhere? **** no…

if i get caught i get caught, keeping your eyes open, and not gobbing off when pulled can get you a long way, so NO it doesn’t matter to me at all cos I’ve been out on the roads riding above the speed limit most of the time like everyone else.

if you worry about it that much buy a fucking scooter.

You said it didn’t matter.

I pointed out that it does matter.

Also I don’t agree with you. Doing over a ton on the motorway, as I understand it, is an near automatic ban. I never do over a ton on the motorway, I might drive progressively, but I make sure that I never do over 100 mph. Because I like having my licence.

The punishment has an impact on my behaviour, it is really just as simple as that.