40k kebab table :D

wouldn’t have one on my own but still it’s good option for others :cool:



About all it’s fit for 0 0

At least it won`t break down doing that.

Ducati Enhanced Kebab Heating System??

how would you feel if you turned around and saw some pr#ck resting food on tyour wee 675 mate probally not happy ay so if this is the case why do it to somebody elses bike doenst matter what the bike is from desmo to old shitter its just NOT done!!!

i prefer the ten behind it :slight_smile: 0% finance too :slight_smile:

Glad you like to use my mates bike as a kebab table. Just read your other threads about constant pulls due to your riding style.

Nuff said…

Cor, some people are a tad touchy aint they!!!:smiley:

Yep…what’s it to you sunshine…right outside now…round and round :smiley:

I think that it just reflects a lack of respect on behalf of the OP, endemic in his constant posts about getting pulled. Demand everything and give nothing seems to be the order of the day in this society.

If he’d dropped some of the meat down the pipes then Hillsy would have been knee deep in p*ss heads at every red light once they smelt it asking for large Doner…

Maybe as a gesture of good will, Ernie should give him a free membership to his club?

Who the fooks Ernie???

Was about to reply aswell but couldn’t figure it out :ermm:


Take a chill pill man!! :rolleyes::hehe:

thats what i was thinking…

Bad Arnie for resting your highly abrasive kebab box on this superior specimen of a bike :hehe:

yeah! you should be ashamed of yourself!!! lol :D;)

everybodys going blah blah blah but if it was your 48k bike i bet that you wouldnt be impressed if you saw someone going it whether its a bag of cotton wool or a kebab box or basically anything resting on it people should have more repect for other peoples gear it could of been a old shitty 400 to a new blade to a desmo repect for other peoples stuff should come before a f#cking stupid look at me look at me picture ask the guy how owns it next time and see what6 his response is

OK back in your box… fair point it wasn’t one of Arnies better ideas and at the moment they are few and far between, however you do seem to be taking it a little personally. As mentioned chill out and don’t let your blood pressure take over. Now Arnie say sorry to the nice old man:)

I could say sorry but hardly ever do it;) Not this type of person.

  1. Who is that guy from ducati ? I met him once. He came, shown off his bike and that’s all. Saw all LB’s excited about him and his baby. Did he care about you lot ? Remeber his welcome post ? Did he reply ?

  2. Do you actually think I ate this kebab on his bike ? Think again and then post…

  3. WoodsterR1, no offence but you seem to be the same type of guy as ducati owner. Maybe you are pissed so much about the photo then. I saw you about 15-20 times in Ace. And your nice shiny good looking, chiken stripped bike. Did you ever say hello to me ? Do you just ingore the people and think they are worse than you ? OK you are older than me but when I’m standing with 5 other LB members and you just pass us without even looking it’s not right m8. I won’t ran after your ass to say hi and shake your hand.

If you ever spoke to me you would know what type of guy I am. I always make jokes but know the limits and you haven’t been with us at that particular situation so don’t get involved. I treat bikes very well, no matter if they are mine or not. If you think different and got a problem with it we can discuss it further. Don’t do it on LB. Come ove to me next time you see me and we will chat.