400CC Bros won't start

Can anyone help? I left my little Bros sitting outside for a few months and the battery died. I have replaced the battery and the engine just turns over with not a hint of catching. There is no spark coming from the plugs at all. Any ideas or know of any reasonable mobile mechanics who don’t charge the earth as I’m brassic and it’ll need a new MOT and tax by the end of the month!

Cheers all (I’m in Wallington if that helps…)


wet plugs !! try takeing them out and cleaning them!!then try again!!!

Fraid not - new plugs!

Could always join the AA, wait 48hrs then call 'em out???

Loads of people do that, just make sure you join with ‘home start’ cover!! Or you may get breakdown cover with your debit/credit card etc, they sometime throw that it for nothing!!

Worth a go mate!


i was going for the cheeper option!! mind you they dont cost much lollol

I’m already a member but can’t remember if I’ve got home start or not… Was trying to avoid it as it’ll need to be fixed for the MOT properly anyway. I used a mobile mechanic on my hornet a year ago and he was really good and only £30 an hour but I’ve lost his card, d’oh!

How are you checking for a spark? when you remove the plugs make sure the threaded section is earthed out on the engine somewhere or else they wont spark and give you a false reading.
If you do get a spark it may be worth changing the fuel for fresh petrol as it doesnt like standing around for months and could be off.
Let us know how you get on as I am not too far from you(Beddington),I’m no mechanic but sometimes two heads are slightly better than one!
Off to the Mayday run tommorow though!
Good Luck

Unfortunately have done all the above - new petrol, took spark out attached to the HT lead - held against engine and turned it over - de nada, nothing, not a sausage! I’d appreciate any help that I can get but I reckon it’s something electrical that us mere mortals haven’t got a hope in hell diagnosing! Let me know if you think differently and I’d be grateful if you could pop over and have a gander - I must admit that aside what I have done already, I’m technically inept!!

Must admit ,thats pretty much the limit of my electrical knowledge that you have stated one sentence!If I think of any thing else I will PM you .
I dont know the him but there is a guy who is always tinkering with bikes on the Croydon Road,near Stoppies the Bike shop(opposite Wallington Boys School).It may be worth passing that way and see if he would have a look and what he will charge??

I know the shop, it’s just around the corner from me. If I can’t think of anything better I’ll drop by him. Cheers for all your replies so far!

Idiot question but you did check your fuses?

No such thing as an idiot question… to which the answer is - NO!!! I’ll have a gander later!