£400 for Leathers

Right as the title suggests i have £400 possibly could stretch to £450 for a set of leathers. Preferably i want a 2 piece suit as i hated trying to get in and out of the one piece that i had before. Any suggestions what to look for and get also what to stay away from?

try j&s accessories

avoid frank thomas!

What’s wrong with them?

frank thomas have a bad rep for making high quantity very low quality gear. I had a pair of there gloves and they formed a massive split after only a week of use.

J&S is the place to go, try Furygan, excellent french leathers, very comfortable and well made. They use nice large pieces of hide, fewer seams fewer weak points. :smiley:

Frank Thomas are offering a five year warrenty but I think it’ll take longer than that to turn thier bad rep around.

These Richa ones look quite nice according to there website it would come in around £350. I could possibly source them a bit cheaper. Any thoughts? Also do you know who stock them? I know Rex Judd do there gloves i’ll have to pop up and see if they have this also.

ive got the Richa Fury trousers paired with my Richa Rtec jacket.

Ive come off pretty quickly in the Fury ones on track 60 - 70mph and the leather held up fine. Really strong. The stitching split along the thigh. They did there job though and no injuries.

They are really comfy but id recommend trying them on as i got a size much smaller than i thought i would.

If you did buy these it might be worth getting the seams stitched with an extra seam. But then at 70mph i suppose the seams are likely to split somewhere.

Thanks for that good to see something positive about them. I got a pair of there gloves the other day and they are the best gloves i’ve had yet. Hopefully that will carry over to the leathers too.

So Here is what i’ve ended up with and came in £60 under budget!:smiley: Should be able to collect on friday:w00t:

How much was the jacket?

supposed to be £250 but i got it for £213

Nice leathers Henry!

Im tempted, but will wait until I get a proper bike!

Imagine me with these on my scooter! lol

Was it Rex Judd you got them from?

Did you buy online H?Why do you have to wait to get them mate?

Yea it was at rex judd. i guess you’d end up looking like arnie on the c90?

Didn’t buy them online but the shop had to order them cause they don’t normally stock it. Actually the only shop that had them was in Finchley Central. I’d rather give my money to Alex though as he’s a good guy and had a slightly better discount:D

A c90? A Honda c90??? I used to have one of those many years ago! (when I was a teenager!)

I think in one post arnie was advising me to get a proper bike! I had no idea he had a c90! At least my scoot has 410cc more! :smiley:

he was using the c90 while he was repairing his daytona 675. you still need to get a proper bike;)

oh I see…i ll sit quietly in the corner then…:rolleyes:

cool design on those leathers; which is rare at the budget end of the market from what i have seen